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Identity is one of the cornerstones of each generation of the internet, including Web 3.0+. Existing identity solutions are mostly single-dimensional and not able to interconnect various networks and spaces, which leads to isolations and boundaries in spreading the data value.

Exploring Identity in Web 3.0+

People have a fundamental need to connect to others like them. This makes the identity infrastructure the cornerstone of individuals’ social networks in both the physical and digital worlds. The identity solutions have evolved since people started to move their lives and work online. In the current Web 3.0 and blockchain space, identity is achieved through simply connecting the wallets. However, the wallet identity solution is only covering on-chain data.
When we enter Web 3.0+, we shouldn't be entering a world that's completely disconnected with where we come from. People shall be able to find their virtual alter-ego in Web 3.0+. However, without a solution to provide a trustworthy identity, this world will be full of deception and scams.
We observe a growing interest and demand for applications that require knowing users’ Web 2.0 attributes in a blockchain-based virtual environment. They don't mean to disclose who they are in the real world, only to prove that their digital avatars possess verified identity traits that are linked to their real person. Unfortunately, there are few solutions that could bridge the gap between different spaces at the moment.

MBuddy: Mirror Yourself into Web 3.0+

MetaMirror’s mission is to bridge your identity into Web 3.0+ and to help you discover the infinite possibilities therein. MetaMirror is a one-stop solution for managing digital identity and data assets. You will get your mirrored self, your MBuddy, in MetaMirror.
In particular, MetaMirror and MBuddy enable:
  • A channel for people to commute between the real world and virtual domains with a trusted, unified, and privacy-preserved digital identity.
  • An interconnected identity infrastructure that supports people to validate their digital assets and shape themselves for better services and experience in Web 3.0+.
  • An interoperable open loop that allows people to interact with other entities and gain full self-sovereignty by selectively disclosing their information and attributes at a comfortable level.
Users can construct their identity using their characteristics and historical behavior from multiple worlds. Specifically, MetaMirror has the following features:
  • Unified: The identity is constructed based on the user’s activities from multiple spaces, leading to a unified virtual identity.
  • User-controlled: Users have full control over their identity and raw data. They can selectively disclose certain identity attributes at their own comfort level.
  • Privacy-preserved: Both user's raw data assets and identity are protected by privacy-preserved technologies.
  • Trusted: All identity attributes are trusted since they are computed based on the user's authenticated activity data.
  • Flexible: New identity attributes can be easily defined.
At MetaMirror, we bring you a supreme experience in Web 3.0+, where you only need to:
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